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Why does your business exist? Are you really sure you know?

All to often businesses are created, and over time, they lose their way. The daily grind becomes so loud that they forget the reason why the business was started in the first place. This not only happens to businesses but organizations, Churches, annual events and more.

That’s why The Driven For Purpose Podcast was created: to help entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals alike learn how to pursue profits, but to do it with purpose and passion, and direction intact.

The Driven For Purpose Podcast was created by BJ O’Neal. He is the National Director of Business Development for WAY Media Inc, as well as a founding partner with The John Maxwell Team. He’s a certified business coach, speaker, and trainer. He’s passionate about business growth and getting results but doing it with a strong vision and purpose.

The goal of this podcast is simple: to educate the values-based entrepreneurial community on how to growth their business through many different strategies, while keeping their purpose in clear focus at the same time.

The Purpose Driven Podcast is apart of WAYNation, a national podcast platform created by WAY Media.

WAY Media & WAY-FM reach into nearly 100 communities in 26 states serving more than 1,000,000 listeners. WAY-FM owns and operates stations in many top 100 markets including Dallas-Ft Worth, Denver, Portland, Nashville, West Palm Beach, Louisville, Ft. Myers and Huntsville. For more information visit www.wayfm.com.

Want to Partner with Driven for Purpose?

As you listened to the Podcast, did you think, “That’s something I want to be a part of.”  Well you can! We’re always looking for new, inspiring speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs to be on the show. Or if you have an idea for the podcast or a question about running a business, simply click on “Contact” and shoot us a message!